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5 Tips for a Successful Eagles Victory Parade

Patrick Davish

Patrick grew up in Ocean City...

Patrick grew up in Ocean City...

Feb 8 3 minutes read

By now, most of us have already called out from work or taken a sick day at school, and grabbed everything green from our closets to participate in Broad Street parade. While we all are definitely excited to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event, we also understand that planning the trip can be a little stressful. So today, we’re making it easier on you. Below are five tips that will ensure that you experience a safe, hassle-free, and unforgettably epic celebration.

1. Avoid The Drive

Getting there...

If at all possible, don’t drive into the city the day-of. Traffic will be terrible—and parking? Probably worse. Instead, opt for the Amtrak, SEPTA lines and buses, and the PATCO to get as close to the action as possible before inevitably having to walk the rest of the way.

The good news? SEPTA’s Market Frankford Line and Broad Street Line (which will both run every 5-7 minutes starting at 5 a.m.) will be free all day, courtesy of Independence Blue Cross!

When in Philly…

Don’t expect to leave the mayhem anytime soon. To accommodate the massive flood of parade-goers coming into Philly, virtually all public transportation out of the city will be delayed until later in the day. So plan on an evening departure.

The city encourages you to text “ReadyEagles” to 888777 for updates regarding parade details, changes of plan, etc. You can also check in regularly with the SEPTA website for to-the-minute accuracy. 

2. Wear a hat

Preferably an Eagles knit, but we guess any kind will work. The weather is expected to be 34 degrees and sunny, and you’ll be out in the cold for every amazing minute of it. Don’t let frozen ears ruin this experience for you.

3. Leave the (under)dogs at home

We know it’s physically painful to leave your canine companions, even for a few hours. But parades are loud, hectic and often frightening for dogs—and this is going to be one for the books. There were reports of missing pups following the Super Bowl win on Sunday and, although she was eventually found (thank goodness!), you wouldn’t want your pet to go through the same.

4. Don’t be late

There were over 1 million fans at the World Series parade in 2008… there will be twice as many on Thursday. If you want your chance at your envious selfie with the Lombardi Trophy, you’re going to have to get there before the entire city of Philadelphia. 

For the less ambitious majority of us, though, there will be 14 jumbotrons placed along the parade route, broadcasting the whole event so you won’t miss a second. 

5. Above all else… enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of victory!

We know we are!

P.S. - For the Philly fans 21 and older, do not miss out on cashing in on Lane Johnson's Super Bowl promise. Budweiser has generously backed up Johnson on his bet by supplying nearly every bar on the parade route with FREE Bud Light!!! 

Philly Philly!!!

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